Lorenzo’s bitless bridle is here

Why choose the Philippsen Bitless Bridle Converter?

Lorenzo’s bitless bridle is here. Natural horsecare is now very popular with many benefits to both the horse and the rider. For the horse it promotes good health, reduces nervousness, leads to longer life and can eliminate pain and discomfort in the horse’s mouth, caused by wearing a bit. For the rider it encourages the horse’s trust and increases confidence.

Lorenzo Crespi from Hipica Formentor has been using natural horsecare methods for many years and the results are evident in the quality and temperament of his horses who are safe, fast, willing and a pleasure to ride. Lorenzo designed and patented his own bitless bridle several years ago for use with his own horses, now you can own one too.

Due to the many requests from his clients, he is now producing and selling a noseband which easily converts any standard bridle into a high-quality and effective bitless bridle.

You can fasten the Philippsen Bitless Bridle Converter to your existing bridle and connect your reins in just a few minutes. It is adjustable and offers a choice of nose or poll pressure. It is suitable for beginners and advanced riders for hacking and for work in the school.  


  • A unique and different way of riding without a bit
  • Adjustable to all sizes
  • No need to buy a new bridle – use your existing bridle and add reins
  • Very comfortable for the horse with great control for the rider
  • Top quality leather with a high standard of finish

Available for 95€ (inclusive of VAT) plus delivery costs

RosemaryLorenzo’s bitless bridle is here