Bitless bridle designed by Lorenzo back on sale soon

Lorenzo’s own design of bitless bridle will soon be back on sale! We now have a company lined up in Valencia who can cast the vital brass connecting pieces that are a crucial element of the bitless bridle design. These pieces are in the shape of a capital B and they link the headpiece to the noseband. This means that the reins can either be attached to the top part for poll pressure or the bottom half for nose pressure. This flexibility enables excellent control of the horse for riders of all abilities without any pain or discomfort for the horse.

Lorenzo says
“in my opinion, people have been controlling horses by putting too much pressure on their mouths, the most sensitive part of their bodies for much too long. Bits can be painful for horses and have a bad effect on their health. The mouth is important to both breathing and to eating and digestion. Discomfort from some kinds of bit can result in foaming at the mouth, shortness of breath and sometimes unnaturally loud breathing. I couldn’t find a bitless bridle that worked for me so I designed my own and other people seem to like it”

Many of our riders who are on holiday in Mallorca and have their own horses at home have been impressed with the way these bridles work and have bought them to take home. They have been out of stock for some time but will soon be available again. Get in touch with us and ride our horses to try this bitless bridle for yourself, or order one directly and we’ll send it to you. You don’t have to change all of your bridle if you don’t want to. You can just buy the adjustable nose band which will fasten onto existing cheek pieces. EMAIL to order

Django modelling Lorenzo’s bitless bridle

RosemaryBitless bridle designed by Lorenzo back on sale soon