4 day mountain trail 19th May 2019 – places still available

THE FIRST DAY We leave the stables after tacking up our horses between 9 and 10am. Our bags go ahead by minibus, whilst we begin our ride across the plain towards the Tramuntana Mountains. After an hour we begin to rise quickly passing with long canters, through almond and olive groves with views of the

Bitless bridle designed by Lorenzo back on sale soon

Lorenzo’s own design of bitless bridle will soon be back on sale! We now have a company lined up in Valencia who can cast the vital brass connecting pieces that are a crucial element of the bitless bridle design. These pieces are in the shape of a capital B and they link the headpiece to the

Raising money for our local animal charity at MySchool Summer Fair

Hipica Formentor provides after-school riding activities for the international school called MySchool in Crestatx every week during term time. Last Christmas we gave pony rides at the Christmas Fair and we’ve just done the same thing at the end of term Summer Fair. There weren’t just pony rides but a tombola, children’s games, throwing the

Children’s Summer Camp in August

This August, we are offering a summer camp for kids of all nationalities for 3 days each week over three weeks. The camp runs from 9am until 2pm each day with all manner of safe, horse-based activities. There will be fun and games, practical riding lessons, theory classes and a „cooling off period“ in the

Gap year holiday at Hipica Formentor

This summer Hipica Formentor have teamed up with our friends and near neighbours at Xtreme Gap Year. This company offers young people the change to join exciting trips run by very adventurous travel experts! They offer opportunities all over the world working with elephants in Africa, attending boot camps in Bali or learning a language

She’s not my dog!

Puça follows Lorenzo literally everywhere, sometimes running 20 or 30 kilometeres a day beside his horse. She’s super fit, as happy as they come and utterly devoted. On the rare occasions that he leaves the stables without her, she cries and complains until he comes back. She doesn’t have a lead but runs a few

Great time with the team from Equestrian Escapes

We took our riding holiday partners from Equestrian Escapes in Cheshire, up to the high Tramuntana Mountains last week. They like to experience every aspect of the holidays they sell to their clients and were very impressed with the horses, the guide and the incredible scenery. We enjoyed their company and the weather was perfect.

Trial riding dates for the coming season

The dates are set for the coming season for 2 or 3 days trails in the Tramuntana Mountains. They all begin on Sundays and can be tailored in length between 2 and 3 days to suit our client’s preference. Sunday, October 15th Sunday, November 19th Sunday, December 17th Sunday, January 14th Sunday, February 25th Sunday,

Famous German animal psychologist Gloria Rückert visits Lorenzo at Hipica Formentor

„Gloria – crazy for horses“ is a mini-series shot on Mallorca, which is currently being shown on Vox channel in Germany. Gloria and the camera crew visited us here in May to ride with Lorenzo and so that Gloria could work her charms on Princesa – the stable’s only anti-social horse. Enquiries are already coming

Carnaval – more work than pancakes, but more fun too

In the UK there is a tradition on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday of making pancakes, based on the idea of using up eggs and fats in the kitchen before the fasting days of Lent. Other European countries have Carnival instead. Amongst them are Germany, Italy, Holland and Denmark. Historically the most lavish was in