Horse riding FAQs by Hípica Formentor

Are riding helmets provided?
Yes we have a good range of riding helmets and boots available in some sizes

Can you cater for vegetarians on trails and holidays?
Please let us know of any special dietary needs in advance of your stay, we will be happy to meet them

Can we ride on the beach?
Unfortunately it is illegal to ride on the beach in Mallorca and it cannot be offered to visitors as part of our service

Do people ride the same horse every day?
Yes, part of the experience is getting to know your horse and you will be responsible for caring for your horse’s needs each day – including grooming and tacking up – but we’ll help you if you want us to

How do we carry changes of clothes on trail riding holidays?
You will have a saddle bag to carry what you need to have with you each day, changes of clothes and other overnight necessities will be taken in advance by car to where you are going to stay

Is it OK to bring cameras or binoculars on trails?
You can bring any lightweight items at your own risk, but it’s better to put them in padded and waterproof cases. We cross rivers, sometimes it rains and it’s easy to drop things when you are riding over rough ground

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