Horse ride to Lluc

A horse ride to Lluc

A horse ride to the monastery at Lluc can be either be a one day trip or the first day of a three day riding trail. If you choose the day trip, there is a lunch stop on the way at Caimari. But there is an option to buy a sundowner at one of the monastery’s bars before returning to the stables by minibus. This gives a bit of time to enjoy the atmosphere while the horses return by lorry.

If you have chosen the three day trail you will be staying at the monastery for two nights and enjoying dinners and breakfasts there. Roaming the historic corridors and courtyards by nights is magical. There are several restaurants with bars and a coffee shop. The monastery even has its own chemist shop.

Things to see at Lluc

While you are there you will be riding every day. But there might be time to visit the chapel and see the statue of the famous black Madonna. If you are lucky, you may hear the choir “Els Blauets” sing. There is also a museum, a botanical garden, an outdoor swimming pool and a gift shop selling Mallorcan speciality drinks and sweets and religious souvenirs.

The monastery is now run like a simple hotel using accommodation built for pilgrims who were looking for peace or sanctuary. It is an imposing set of buildings with separate quarters for the monks. It sits in a leafy hollow 525 metres above sea level. Around it are some of the highest mountains in Mallorca. You will explore the “Puig de Massanella” on your second day of riding.

Pilgrimage to Lluc

According to legend, a shepherd boy found the black Madonna during the 13th century. He took it to the local parish priest only to find it back in the same place the next day. The miracle led people to believe that the Madonna wanted to be there so a chapel was built to accommodate her. Later on the whole monastery grew up around the chapel and became a place of pilgrimage, sanctuary and worship.

A horse ride for the winter

It is a popular place with the Mallorcan people for walks, picnics, barbeques and for camping as well as being a beautiful place to have lunch. In the summer it is a cool retreat from the hot humid weather. We go there on horseback during the cooler weather, so be sure to pack a sweater to keep cosy during this amazing experience.

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