Horse riding is good for you!

There is a strong bond between humans and horses

Mareike and Django having a special moment.

Horse riding is good for you in a lot of different ways. Some people are just drawn to horses and it is often a popular hobby with young girls although lots of boys like it too. Many people give up as they get older. Some take up the sport professionally. But for most people who have ridden as children it is something that they like doing throughout their lives. Occasionally people take up riding later in life and some people just love horses and want to be around them.

Physical benefits

The physical benefits of riding are obvious. Riding builds core strength, improves posture and increases muscle tone throughout the body, particularly around the pelvis and legs. First time riders and people who haven’t ridden for a long time often suffer from stiffness after a long ride. But people who ride regularly can go for several weeks without riding and still have no ill effects when they get back in the saddle.

Good for adults and children and a lovely thing to do together

Horse riding promotes good coordination and balance, particularly during lessons. It also involves problem solving and exercises the mind. No matter how long you ride or spend time with horses during your life, there is always more to learn and every horse is different. Children learn responsibility through being with horses. The confidence gained by a young rider is an important part of growing up. It’s a memorable thing to do as a family.

There is another side to riding that involves physical work especially for horse owners. Grooming, mucking-out and carrying heavy saddles around is also a good way to get fit whilst enjoying time with a horse. The muscles and body tone that result from this are known in some countries as “Stable Strength”.

Psychological Benefits

Horse ridding is good for you and is good for mental health too. It’s an outdoor sport, in the fresh air and involves meeting people as well as spending time with animals. Many friendships grow out of riding with people and a horse ride is often a good time for a chat. There is a strong spiritual bond between humans and horses. Spending time with them is believed to increase serotonin, the hormone in our bodies which improves how we feel. Horses particularly ones we know well can be a kindred spirit and a quiet friend who seems to understand when we are stressed or under the weather.

If you haven’t ridden before where can you start?

Choose a well-respected stable where the horses are well cared for and calm. Start with a short quiet ride out of maybe an hour or 90 minutes. If you enjoy the experience you might want to take some regular classes. These are usually arranged for different levels of experience and a good instructor will always make the class fun. Like many other sports, riding comes more naturally to some people that others. Give it a try with our new “Taster Ride” if you are here in Mallorca. It may be a one off experience or the beginning of a new way of life.

RosemaryHorse riding is good for you!