Mallorca’s own Game of Thrones

Are you amongst the fans of television’s latest craze with its fierce knights, beautiful ladies, divided loyalties, cruelties and battles of strength and power? Or do you just enjoy history, horses, lively entertainment and a Mallorcan barbeque?   

On 24th September this year we had an all-day Medieval Games at the stables. Regular riders and some newbies are learning jousting, archery and even decapitation (but only the pretend sort) now and over the coming months in preparation for next year’s games.

The riders and horses wear medieval costume and the competitors are armed with shields, swords, lances, bows and of course their flowing standards. There is a fantastic atmosphere as the horses thunder around the arena and a real sense that the Age of Chivalry has returned. The riders carry their own family crests and the day of the battle commences with a horseback parade and carries on with fiercely fought battles of skill. At the gallop, the competitors collect hanging rings on their lances. They later joust with wooden horses as their foe. They whip off the heads of evil enemies, in this case made of sawdust and attempt to hit a bull’s-eye with their arrows whilst staying on their horses.     

For the last two years the winners have been women. Will a Knight of the Realm beat our victorious ladies next year or will another lady take the throne? Calls are out now for new competitors who would like to join in the training.  See the Medieval Games icon on our home page for more information.

Hipica FormentorMallorca’s own Game of Thrones