Philippsen Bitless Bridle Converter

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95€ (excluding carriage charges)

Lorenzo has designed his own bitless bridle, which is used on all of the horses at Hipica Formentor. You can buy this Philippsen Bitless Bridle Converter to turn any standard bridle into a bitless bridle that will work in the same way as his. The nose band is made of best quality leather and is adjustable in three place to make a perfect fit for any horse. Using the Philippsen Bitless Bridle Converter will provide excellent horse control for riders of all abilities without any pain or discomfort for the horse.

How to use

First make the adjustments required for a good fit. The leather of the nose band will soften with time and fit itself to the shape of your horse’s nose. There are two brass connecting pieces in the shape of a capital B on each side of the noseband. Fasten the ends of the two cheekpiece on your existing bridle to the top of the B, with the flat side of the B facing forward. Then attach your reins to one of the loops on the B. Attach to the top loop for poll pressure or the bottom loop for nose pressure.

Each bridle comes with full instructions and oil for treating the leather.

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