Rain did not stop play

Last weekend, it was time for the annual Fira in Sa Pobla. This is the nearest town to the stables and Lorenzo’s home town. Every town in Mallorca has this annual event every year, each on a different weekend. The Firas are an opportunity for each town’s business to show off what they do and for people from the town to get together with visitors and have a good time. Each town has its own theme and in Sa Pobla it’s very much about food and animals. So naturally Hipica Formentor had a stand at the event and joined with other horse riding establishments and livery stables in giving a riding demonstration in a specially created school with a sandy floor.

For us it was a formal display of synchronised riding called the Carousel. To the booming and dramatic theme tune of Game of Thrones, we rode at sitting trot to a carefully choreographed and practiced routine. Dressed in black and orange and with orange numnahs decorated with our stable logo, we presented ourselves and our horses at our cleanest and smartest. The horses were a little bit thrown by the loud commentary on the PA system which they hadn’t had at the practices back in the stable school, but we acquitted ourselves well and were proud of our performance.

Lorenzo and three of our Carousel team at the stand.

Unfortunately, it was one of Mallorca’s rare rainy days, when the island makes up for the lack of rain generally by deluging its inhabitants with what feels like large buckets of water thrown very fast and from a great height. This did dampen the enthusiasm of participants and viewers but we battled bravely on. Better luck next year, with the weather, we hope! Come and see us then when we’ll be back with another stand and another performance next November.

RosemaryRain did not stop play