She’s not my dog!

Puça follows Lorenzo literally everywhere, sometimes running 20 or 30 kilometeres a day beside his horse. She’s super fit, as happy as they come and utterly devoted. On the rare occasions that he leaves the stables without her, she cries and complains until he comes back. She doesn’t have a lead but runs a few steps behind him and waits outside shops when she’s not allowed to go in. She knows how to cross the road and if the going gets tough or there are sheep around, she takes a ride on his horse.

Puça turned up at the stables as a young stray. He says it wasn’t immediately obvious whether she was lost or abandoned or had just wandered from where she lived. She hung around for all day and he had to go on an errand so decided decided that if she was still there when he got back, he would take her home and keep her. He went to his car and there she was already waiting for him. Puça chose Lorenzo, so she’s not his dog – he’s her human.

You’re my human, so you mights as well know it!



RosemaryShe’s not my dog!