trail riding Mallorca

Our fantastic trail riding holidays in the Tramuntana Mountains are back

Trail riding holidays in Mallorca. After a very hot summer, when we could only take the horses out early in the morning or late at night, the cool, sun kissed days of the autumn and winter are back. It’s time to make for the hills and after that the mountains for a three-day trail. This

Horse riding is good for you

Horse riding is good for you!

Horse riding is good for you in a lot of different ways. Some are much more obvious than others. It’s very much a mind, body and spirit experience for a lot of people and is good for mental health. Maybe it’s time to give it try or take up your childhood hobby up again!

Horse ride to Lluc

Horse ride to Lluc

A horse ride to Lluc A horse ride to the monastery at Lluc can be either be a one day trip or the first day of a three day riding trail. If you choose the day trip, there is a lunch stop on the way at Caimari. But there is an option to buy a sundowner at

Lorenzo's bitless bridle

Lorenzo’s bitless bridle is here

Why choose the Philippsen Bitless Bridle Converter? Lorenzo’s bitless bridle is here. Natural horsecare is now very popular with many benefits to both the horse and the rider. For the horse it promotes good health, reduces nervousness, leads to longer life and can eliminate pain and discomfort in the horse’s mouth, caused by wearing a

horseback riding Sa Pobla

Horseback riding near Sa Pobla

You will find our Mallorcan riding stable in the flat, fertile countryside of Sa Pobla. We are only a few kilometres from the end of the Ma-13 motorway and 42 kilometres from Palma, on the northern edge of the Albufera National Park. There is a railway station in the town which links directly with the

Tapas ride Mallorca Horse riding

A Tapas Ride

Visit our Mallorcan ranch and try this fun activity on a family holiday: a tapas ride! Majorca excursions take place all over the island and include various forms of transport, different destinations and different types of food and drink. We think the best transport is riding in Mallorca! One of our most popular horse riding

4 day mountain trail 19th May 2019 – places still available

THE FIRST DAY We leave the stables after tacking up our horses between 9 and 10am. Our bags go ahead by minibus, whilst we begin our ride across the plain towards the Tramuntana Mountains. After an hour we begin to rise quickly passing with long canters, through almond and olive groves with views of the

Bitless bridle designed by Lorenzo back on sale soon

Lorenzo’s own design of bitless bridle will soon be back on sale! We now have a company lined up in Valencia who can cast the vital brass connecting pieces that are a crucial element of the bitless bridle design. These pieces are in the shape of a capital B and they link the headpiece to the

Children’s Summer Camp in August

This August, we are offering a summer camp for kids of all nationalities for 3 days each week over three weeks. The camp runs from 9am until 2pm each day with all manner of safe, horse-based activities. There will be fun and games, practical riding lessons, theory classes and a “cooling off period” in the